A Fairy Tale for your Wedding

Create a Fairy Tale Wedding -turn the story of your relationship into a real fairy tale

Fairy tale wedding

Let me interview you and your partner and create a fairy tale from the story of your relationship. The story will:

  • Capture the colour and texture of your love
  • Strengthen those values and ideals that hold you together and
  • Communicate the unique gift that the two of you can offer the world.

Even if you are not planning a fairy tale wedding theme, the possibilities are endless when it comes to stories. The story could simply be an extension of what you are already planning. I can create a story for any theme from an elegant garden wedding to a raucous pirate wedding.

How does it work?

If you want to surprise your partner with the story at the wedding, I will have 3 or 4  interviews with you on Skype and give you specific bits of info to fish for or spy for  as we flesh out the story.

If it is something you plan together, I will have two interviews with you and your partner together on skype, and one interview each individually. Then I will craft your story.

I will make sure to test the basic themes and symbols in the story with you to make sure it rings true. Then you can choose to be surprised by the story on your big day, or approve it up front.

“Petro interviewed both my husband and myself extensively to understand who we are as people and what the driving forces and values behind our relationship are. This she turned into a most beautiful and personal story that formed the heart of our ceremony.”

What you can do with your story:

  • Use it to theme the whole wedding.
  • Surprise your partner by reading it to him/her at the the wedding.
  • Give it to the MC or another performer to deliver with style and artistry
  • Let me come and perform the story at your wedding and perhaps MC the rest of the event.
  • You can also consult me on your programme to make sure it flows and strengthens your theme.

“Petro is an excellent story teller and MC for a wedding. She is a Master of her crafts and knows how to handle and captivate groups of any size both while speaking and leading them through a program. She has extensive knowledge on creating a natural flow of events so that people feel safe and informed but at the same time excited and involved in the program.  Petro is also able to improvise when it comes to unforeseen disruptions or changes (as they occur at most weddings).”

Your investment.

The story by itself will cost R5 000.

To perform and /or MC will depend on the unique specifics of your wedding.

For more information, contact Petro Janse van Vuuren, Story-teller, MC, Professional Speaker and Executive Speaker Coach.

Curious about what a story might be like? Read an excerpt from a recent story.

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