Executive Speech Coaching

Do you always feel confident when you speak? Do you come across as competent? Do you think you are convincing? What if I told you that your answers to these questions are irrelevant?

Whether you feel confident and competent or not,

  • Could you still touch lives?
  • Could you alter the course of your organisation?
  • Have an impact on your industry?
  • Move your people to action?
  • Be the influential leader you want to be?

Could you do all this and still be authentic and true to yourself and the vision of your organisation?



Contact me and find out how confidence and competence become irrelevant when you deal with purpose and significance.

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What the coaching will cover:

In our coaching we can cover all three aspects of your speaking: in a way that aligns you with your purpose and lends significance to your speaking. The three aspects are:

1. Structure

  • How to work with the human brain to draw the audience in and open their minds to new ideas.
  • How to captivate them, engage them and leave them moved.

2. Content

  • How to use stories and pictures to communicate with the head and the heart.
  • How to deliver the message succinctly so that the abstract become concrete and the complex become simple.

3. Delivery

  • How to show up and exude presence from formal to impromptu situations, with large groups or one on one.
  • How to manage how people perceive you and find ways to be more interactive and engaging.

The financial obstacle was easy to overcome once I met the person (Petro). The most powerful lesson I have learned is that in a presentation you are inviting people into your space so that you don’t have to fight them. It also helps to know there is a reason why ones voice goes sharp and high when you are stressed. Peter, CEO of a Reinsurance Company

Why is this important?

There are many speakers who will gladly give you a course in speaking, sharing with you best practice methods and techniques. But who is to say these will work for you? No other speaking coach in South Africa is more qualified or experienced in the cutting edge field of Applied Improvisation. Together we will explore the power of improvisation for learning speaking skills so you can:

  • Be spontaneous, yet professional
  • Find a confidence and a flow that is uniquely yours
  • Become the influential leader you want to be
  • Motivate your people not just emotionally, but in a way that inspires action
  • Make memorable speeches that touch lives and impact your industry
  • Communicate with conviction and confidence so that you can alter the course of your organisation
  • Use your voice and mold your messages toinspires follower-ship.

Do all of this in a way that lends meaning and significance to your life and leadership.


The length of a session, the amount of sessions and the frequency of sessions will depend on your individual needs and availability.. Call me for a free first session. At this chemistry session we will discover if I am the coach for you and if you are the client for me.

Book a free chemistry session right now

  Petro’s course has a way of demonstrating the goal immediately, and although good speaking only comes with practise, the first important switch, realising how you could and should be speaking, can successfully happen in the first session.- Gertrud Tönsing, Lecturer, Lutheran Theological Institute, Pietermaritzburg

A little more about mePetro Janse van Vuuren, Communicator Coach and Story Strategist

Dr. Petro Janse van Vuuren has been a speaking coach and facilitator trainer for the last 18 years. She has worked with a wide range of clients including CEO’s, professional speakers, financial executives, environmentalists, evangelical ministers, microbiology lecturers, radio DJ’s and rap artists. Petro is a past President of the Gauteng Professional Speaker’s Association and is one of only two PhD’s in Applied Theatre in the country. In her PhD she developed a methodology for using Improvisation skills to create conversation about values, vision and purpose. Petro is an inspiring professional speaker and outstanding story teller herself which means she understands and lives the experience of speaking and influencing people.

As programme co-ordinator, I have found Petro’s presentations here to be relevant, enjoyable and valuable – a day well spent. According to our participants (corporate groups, lecturers and others),  Petro is an honest, energetic and a very competent presenter. She captivates attention throughout and creates an atmosphere of openness. Faika Haroun,  Lecturer and coordinator at the Language Centre STELLENBOSCH University