Catch a Flying Pig

Pig Catching on Sep 18: Moving People

What is this shift in leadership and Organisation Development that everyone is talking about?

  • Some call it a change from Command and Control to Sensing and Responding
  • Others say it is Autocratic to Participative Leadership
  • Some try to explain it by using metaphors for the kinds of Organisations we want e.g. no more machine like organisations, rather organic ones, or ones that work like the human brain. Still others say an organisation should be looked at as  a work of art…
  • There are also those that talk of a Vision and Values based culture versus a virtuoso culture, or a profit focussed organisation versus one that aims for a triple bottom line i.e. people planet and profit.

Whatever the shift is that our new changing world is asking for, we are the ones that support the transformation.

This month’s session is devoted to coming to grips with this shift collectively. I invited Kathy Barolsky from Drama for Life to facilitate a session with us using Image Theatre as tool to access stories, language, metaphors and symbols that will help us make sense of this shift in leadership and OD that we are all part of. In doing so you will also get insight into the tool called Image Theatre as a means for extracting and eliciting stories from participants.

Bring your curiosity, your open minds and your questions.


Date: 18 Sep

Venue: 305 Long Ave Ferndale
Coffee, tea, muffins and fruit on arrival

Time:    7am for 7:15 -10am Pig                 Catching
10:30-12:30 Research conversation (for all who are  interested in Strategic Narrative Embodiment)
NOTE: We will start at 7:15 sharp to make the most of our time.

Facilitator: Kathy Barolsky (from Drama for Life)

Cost: R250 (Includes a write-up of the session)

Dress: Comfortable clothes you can stretch and move in

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pm-logoMore on Pig Catching

Pig catching is what coaches and facilitators do when we chase the moment of insight that brings shift and transformation in our clients.

The Pig Catching event is hosted by Playing Mantis Coaching and Facilitation (Pty) Ltd

NOTE: no real pigs get harmed during the course of our work, we play only in the metaphoric sense and all our pigs have wings)

All our pig catching sessions are geared to learning new techniques for helping our clients to insight, break through and sustainable transformation. More specifically, we look at using methods and techniques from the performing arts. We have found that this is an untapped world of wealth where metaphoric work, embodied experiences and group imagination can bring about powerful transformations.

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