A pig with wings

Are you a potential Pig Catcher?

Pig Catching sessions are not open to all, but it might be for you if you have wings. Pig catchers are usually people whom I have met personally and whose wings I have seen. They can also be invited by other pic catchers who can vouch for their potential for getting air born. You have already met me on one of my websites, now for me to meet you, you need to send me a 250 word blurb to tell me who you are and why this session is for you.

We do this because:

  1. Pig Catching is not a showcase or sales conversation so it is not geared to impress you or win you over. If you come, you already buy that metaphor, embodiment, improvisation and imagination is a powerful and fun process for transformation and you want to know more about using it in coaching and facilitation.
  2. A Pig Catching session is a place where failing is welcome. You must be willing to experiment with ideas that may not work and may be a bit uncomfortable at times, but could lead to new heights of freedom and insight.

If you are up for it, send me your 250 word application and I will book your spot.

Also note: People who have been to three sessions may come and try out some ideas or techniques of their own to see if it works and to get peer feedback.

PS: Pigs can’t be caught online. You will have to be in the room. IF you can’t come, but want me to bring the Pig Catching magic to you and yours, contact me.

I look forward to hear from you.