Why did Luke’s family and Obi Wan have to die?

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As I prepare for my talk at Starcon on Tjhu, I wonder:

  1. Why did Luke’s family have to be killed before hewas willing to go with Obi Wan ti help Princess Lea?
  2. Can such tragedy in your own life, and more importantly, the lives of your audience members be spared by listening to stories?
  3. Why did Obi Wan have to die too? Could Luke not find the force if he stayed alive?
  4. If we as speakers are the Obi Wans for the Lukes in our audiences, do we also have to die? How?

The talk I will be giving is the “Seven Story Secrets for Speakers” illustrated by the journey of Luke Skywalker from Starwars episodes 4 to 6. Reflect with me on the role you want to play for your audience members and the role stories play in your talks. On Thu I will be sharing three ways in which to use stories: Telling the story, letting the audience consider their stories and using a story as the design inspiration for a talk. The Seven Story Secrets for Speakers use the first two ways, but explains the third in greater detail. More about Starcon: Toastmasters International in Southern Africa’s May Conference is happening this week from 14-16 May 2015. Our team is all about finding excellence and reaching beyond your perceived limitations. And so, the theme of “Reach for the Stars” was born and all things Star Wars and Star Trek were adopted. I have been asked, in the words of the organisasers to “joining Starfleet in the fight against the evil forces of Glossophobia.” What does this mean? do I suffer from it unknowingly? I  look forward to sharing stories with all the delegates and speakers.

Dr. Petro Janse van Vuuren

Researcher, Speaker and Coach

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