Custom Keynotes

Let Petro design a custom keynote for your event. Take the following topics as a sampler of suggestions:

  • The Hero’s Journey – a strategy for transformation – for everyone interested in engineering lasting change
  • An ABC for radiating authentic confidence – for anyone who wants to speak and act with greater confidence
  • Using your voice to invite not invade – How to captivate an audience. For speakers, trainers, teachers, preachers and anyone else who speaks to large groups of people
  • Find your Voice amidst the Noise – a fun workshop for anyone to rediscover themselves and explore new possibilities of being through their own voices

How to book a custom keynote

First contact Petro with an outline of your event and audience. Through conversation and consultation Petro will determine the ideal structure to meet the needs of your audience and design a keynote specifically tailored to the outcomes you desire.

Contact Petro Janse van Vuuren