Storytelling for Leaders

Through the ages from ancient myths to modern fantasy, Bible stories to Grimm fairy tales, story tellers from the earliest times until now has harnessed the power of story to move others and to convey meaning that otherwise seem abstract and complex.

Now discover the secrets of story for yourself and learn to use it to draw people together and to show them your take on the world.  Employ it to impact them on a core values level and create conditions for shift to happen.

Neuro-scientific research now substantiates the kind of experiential learning made possible when using stories as an effective model with a good ROI.

The Playing Mantis Story Strategies for Leaders course teach you to

  • Employ stories as tools for inspiring followership and support for your ideas.
  • Create ‘aha-experiences’ that instigate authentic action in your team or your clients.
  • Package large amounts of information, complicated material and abstract ideas succinctly and clearly.
  • Use story as strategy to understand how people adapt to new information or behaviour.
  • Discover and hone your own personal story telling style and voice
  • Frame your personal experiences as stories with impact.
  • Use voice and gesture to communicate subtleties and deep meaning.

You will learn about the:

  • Seven elements of the well told story.
  • Six principles of impactful delivery.
  • Five kinds of resistance that stories help overcome.
  • Four tensions that engage the audience and draw them into the story
  • Three levels of character that ensure audience identification

What participants say:

Your unique way with stories and characters opened a fresh perspective on my own character and story. I was moved by the way in which the stories brought the participants straight to the heart of their search for meaning.-Dr Jeanette de Klerk, Office for Moral Leadership, University of Stellenbosch

I have learnt the building blocks to structure a presentation from presenting a problem to providing the solution. I also know how to involve the audience and to avoid common pitfalls of starting a presentation.-Richard Kunz – Lecturer at the University of Kwazulu Natal

Thank you so much for a wonderful session. Everyone I talked to enjoyed the workshop and found value in it. One of them wrote in an email:

“The session with Petro and the notes she gave were very valuable to me. They represent part of my own personal wish list. I am inspired by her simple steps and spent the time on the plane reflecting on what she said and how I could use the steps effectively in current projects. I also want to use them to write stories for my grandchildren. I am truly inspired.”

Thank you for your passion, creativity and authenticity. We enjoyed you. – Alinda Nortje, Executive Charperson, Free to Grow

Course details

The Playing Mantis Story Strategies for Leaders consists of 6 half-day workshops that you can select from or combine in what-ever way that suits your time and budget constraints. Between sessions participants get the chance to try out their skills in the workplace and develop their craft over time so that they become competent and well-rehearsed story tellers.

We suggest that you begin with sessions 1 and 2 as a starting point and only add other sessions if it works for you. You can add a storytelling event as a goal to work towards if you wish.

In each of the 6 sessions you will

  • Gain a theoretical understanding of story principles
  • Watch and analyse a youtube clip of corporate storytelling examples.
  • Learn practical story telling techniques
  • Tell and assess a story of your own
  • Assess and learn from the stories of other participants

The six modules

Module Theoretical principle Practical technique
1 Seven elements of the welltold story How to shape a story
2 Six principles of impactful delivery Using your voice and body
3 Five types of resistance Audience interaction
4 Four tensions that drive action Pause and pace
5 Three levels of character Using the stage
6 Story sharing event Integrating your skills