Presentation and Voice Training for Groups

The Confident Speaker’s ABC

Capture your audience’s attention with authentic confidence and simple strategies

In this age of information overload, audiences are increasingly difficult to captivate and their attention is an expensive commodity. This adds tension to the already nerve racking situation of speaking in front of other people.

If speaking is part of your profession, as it is for the Genre team, the pressure compounds because now both your company and your salary depends on how well and how confidently you do it. Every client interaction and therefore every sale depends on how confident you appear and how clearly you communicate.

Through mastering simple techniques, you can look and sound confident even when you are nervous, speaking in a second language or speaking in front of your peers. Once you have secured your audience’s attention, some easy strategies can help you to keep it.

Grow Your Voice to Speak with Confidence

Grow your voice – Grow Your Audience

1. Background and Motivation

  • Do you appear confident and competent as you speak?
  • Do you sound inviting and engaging?
  • Does your audience experience that you care both about your message and about them?
  • Does your voice help to move and transform your audiences for the better?

There are only two things that can interfere with your ability to answer yes to all three these questions: tension in your body and fear in your heart. When your body knows what to do, it can help you control your feelings and focus your mind.

As with training for a marathon, your body needs to unlearn bad habits and relearn new ones so that speaking invitingly and confidently becomes automatic.

The Grow your Voice Training course is designed to help you automatically:

  • Find a good posture that helps you relax and communicate confidence.
  • Use your breath to control your voice and your nerves.
  • Produce a rich warm voice that invites attention and instils trust.
  • Shape sounds skillfully so that every word is heard without strain.
  • Create emotional engagement by enticing the listener to keep on listening.
  • Draw the audience into your world so that they gain new insight into their own.

As extra perk you get to do it without being fake or inauthentic. In fact, you will find a new connection with your own magic that will invigorate and motivate you. This will in turn have a positive effect on your client relationships and your success.

This workshop will give you:

  • A quick 6 point check list from A to F to look, feel and sound confident in any situation.
  • Vocal techniques for controlling your body and your voice.
  • An approach and attitude that is inviting and instills trust.
  • A boost in self confidence and self esteem that will impact your income.
  • Four simple strategies from G to J to keep your audience engaged.

Voice Training for Call Centre Agents

Grow your voice, grow your confidence grow your brand

1. Background and Motivation

  • Do your call centre agents project confidence and competence?
  • Do they invite confidence in your brand?
  • Do they feel like they are making a difference to themselves and to others?

Growing the power of the voice leads to growing the agent’s personal power and the power of your brand.

In everyday face to face conversations 7 % of what we communicate comes through our words, 55 through body language and 38 through vocal tone and quality. But when the face of the person talking is absent, as it is when talking on the phone, body language falls away and the effect of vocal quality jumps to 82%.

However, the average call centre agent handles around 1000 calls per day and maintaining a warm, friendly yet efficient sounding tone all day becomes difficult. Unless your voice is trained, it will respond unconsciously to your thoughts, feelings and the state of your body by default.

Instead, what if call centre agents could:

  • Sound personable and professional at all times, irrespective of accent, personality or mood?
  • Communicate eagerness to assist as well as sound warm and friendly?
  • Always speak clearly and slowly so that they are easy to follow?
  • Do all of this automatically so that they can keep their minds on solving the caller’s problems?
  • Maintain a personal sense of power and accomplishment in spite of difficult calls?

Such improvements will:

  • Ensure consistent quality throughout the day and across the team of agents.
  • Make each call more time efficient as agents will repeat themselves less often.
  • Instil confidence in callers that they are being served with competence, efficiency and care.
  • Humanise the experience for each caller by allowing agents to sound more authentic.
  • Build brand loyalty by inviting trust and attention.
  • Build the personal sense of confidence and competence of agents.
  • Reduce staff turnover by increasing personal job satisfaction.

Three Day Essentials Course in Facilitation and Coaching

using Applied Improvisation and Story-Strategy

As a coach, OD practitioner or facilitator you have probably experienced the pressure to make meaningful impact in shorter and shorter spaces of time. Clients want learning experiences that ‘wow’, can accommodate diverse audience expectations and bring about meaningful shift right now.

Results, results, RESULTS is the mantra of the client.

But the more you focus on results in the future the more you miss the magic of the moment: magic that can deliver those very results.

Imagine increasing your presence and creativity in your sessions and workshops.
See how you delight your clients with their own genius, creativity and intuition.
What if you could change the way you coach and facilitate forever?

Our Three day Essentials Course is the FIRST step on this journey into the power and presence of each moment.

The Three Day Essentials Course will give you an overview of the Playing Mantis methodology and ethos. You will also receive a toolkit filled with games and exercises that you can use in your coaching and facilitation practice.

Materials and other benefits:

  • Essential Playing Mantis Games Toolkit including:
    15 improv games
    15 story-strategy games
    3 sets of card tools
    A handbook
  • A template for designing experiences according to Story-Strategy.
  • Access to the Playing Mantis online community.
  • A special price for attending Playing Mantis Coach and Facilitator practice sessions.

Course Overview

This leading edge course blends the latest neuroscience theory and experiential learning techniques for better results than you thought possible. With over 18 years of experience and research in organisational psychology, theatre arts, applied improvisation and coaching Playing Mantis has developed a powerful model, combining ImprovSense and Story-Strategy, to create meaningful SHIFT in an increasingly volatile, ambiguous and complex world.

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