What your posture and breathing says about you

I see the speaking space as one of those precious in-between worlds where fears and fantasies both come to life. If you are able to manage your fears all your fantasies can come true!

This week 10 people who attended my workshops in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, are starting work on the roots of their voice: Posture and breathing. They are on a six week do it yourself voice training course using my book ‘Grow Your Voice to Speak with Confidence’ and the training CD that goes with it. You can join them by following this blog. If you want the book and CD, click here.

Check your posture constantly, but especially while you are speaking. Your body reveals if you are over eager, do not care enough, or self-conscious. From a neutral ‘perfect’ posture you can go anywhere and take your audience with you. Your muscles are relaxed and ready to respond to your intention and serve your message.

When you are in ‘perfect’ neutral posture, you also have the maximum capacity for breathing. Always keep your chest extended and only breathe from the lower lungs. Here you have control and increased capacity.

To inspire you, here is a link to a youtube video of Victoria Labalme. She is a speaker/performer. She begins her talk immediately after dancing. Yes a dancing. Out of breath she begins her talk. You can hear how she catches her breath in between sentences, but he speech itself is unaffected by this. Watch how she manages to control her speech completely in spite of being out of breath. This is only possible because she knows how to breathe, keep her voice in her chest, use her articulation to shape words and maintain control the meaning of the words not letting her rushed breathing and heightened energy take over.

When you are done watching, come back and tell me what you got from watching.

Victoria Labalme: Check her voice control after dancing.

Full video

Shorter version that starts after the dance.

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