Story telling for events and special occasions

Stories help us mark significant moments, heal relationships and bring about change.

  • Funny stories give us a fresh perspective on things that we complain or stress about.
  • Heart warming stories help us bring people together as we feel compassion for one another and ourselves.
  • Disturbing stories help us ask questions about ourselves and our world.

Excellent for commTelling story at owmen's event.unity building and diversity training events.

I especially like to tell stories that cross racial boundaries and celebrate the diversity of South Africa. I want to reveal to my audience the beauty and humanity of the real South Aficans: those of us who live and breathe and have our being in the sun on our streets, in the corridors at our workplaces.

Forget the strife, let us laugh and share and build relationships across boundaries.

Choose from some of my most popular stories, or order a customised story.

Some popular stories

The Rat Goes home – A story about belonging.

They called her ‘The Rat’ from the first day she set foot in the orphanage. It was the street boys hanging like monkeys outside the gates  that gave it to her: “Hey look, today they brought in a rat!” shouted their leader, Big Daddy, a strongly built dark boy of about 12 “Hey Rat, look out  for the Cat!”, he mocked and they laughed. Read more…

Naking friends in Jozi (Johannesburg).

Imagine a 40 year old white woman on the side of Republic Road trying to hail a minibus taxi. Not too much of a stretch? Now imagine that this same woman just moved to Jo’burg. She does not know which taxi sign to use to indicate that she wants to go to Randburg, she does not know where to stand exactly so that the taxi expects that she may want a ride and finally, she only has about 40% vision, so she cannot really distinguish a taxi from a four by four family car. How likely is it that she will be able to get a taxi to stop? Read more…

Stereo types come from somewhere

I love to thwart stereotypes. When I ride my bicycle into Stellenbosch kitted out from head to foot in corporate gear complete with high heels, while all the other cyclists are heading out of town kitted out in helmets, gloves, tight padded shorts, water bottles and cycling glasses, I get a kick. On this day, though, it would not be me who broke the stereotype. Read more…

Examples of customised stories

Skin Sisters: A story about making peace with skin colour (Great for Women’s day)

I created this story for a women’s day celebration on a wine farm just outside Stellembosch.

I was always very embarrassed about my skin. It wasn’t the kind of skin that could tan evenly and become a golden brown in the sun. It wasn’t the kind of skin that freckled evenly like my sister’s either. It was not even the kind of white skin that was milky and smooth all over. Read more…

Burning Hands and the Fire Fairy

I was commissioned to write a story for a fantasy themed wedding. The story now lives in the memories of the couple and their guests who could identify themselves and their loved ones in the characters and the details of the story. Book a fairy tale for your wedding.

One day in the City of Gold in the Kingdom of the Freedom Sun a boy was born with burning hands.

“How do you know he has burning hands?” the people would ask the old  village hag.

Everyone knew that such a gift was given to one boy child every 500 years. They also knew that a gift like that only surfaced once the chosen boy is a man grown. Then the old hag would gaze into the distance and recall the ancient prophecy:  (Music)

“Every 500 years our Freedom  Sun must revive, every 1000 years Love must come alive

When 5 and 5 makes 10 Burning Hands and his Fairy will come again. Read more…

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